Pride Dispensed, Pride Promised, And Pride To Go







Just got back from London yesterday after the UK
Excel Conference

A successful couple of days I think, we had a large audience,
few no-shows, and a general good time.

As this was organised mainly to avoid disappointing the many
wait-listed people from the previous, April, conference, the agenda was largely
the same as before. We had one new session on ‘Excel as a BI Tool’, which I
think that many delegates found enlightening; to see Excel being used as an
Enterprise reporting tool, querying huge amounts of data very quickly was an

It was good to see the presenters again, and we had a good first evening prior to the conference – at least until Roger persuaded me to have a pint of Timothy Taylor’s which was not nice, especially after the Pride!

As would be expected with an audience of circa 100 people,
we had a mixed bunch. There were some company men/women, some consultants; bankers,
auditors, and tax inspectors; a guy who works for Apple; we even had a pig
consultant – who would have thought that a pig consultant is a big Excel user.

Another good dinner at Zsi-Zsi’s with some of the delegates;
a decent Chardonnay at Ha-Ha’s’ on the last evening; a good meal at a most
unexpected looking Indian restaurant in Victoria that Simon, Andy and I went
to; and good hosting from Microsoft.

 To cap it all, I missed the last train home because I was too busy talking with Simon, I got on the wrong tube line.



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