Early Enough For You?

Interesting post from Jeff Attwood. He makes good points about not pushing your code the extra mile to get it absolutely perfect before shipping, although the Rumsfeld quote is always unfortunate IMO, and there is a lot of truth in it. However, it is not that black and white. The correct balance has to be struck. We all know the development paradigm, balancing time, quality and cost; something always has to give. It is invariably quality, and maybe Jeff is right and that is the first thing that should go, but not at any quality. If it is not good … Continue reading Early Enough For You?

Conditionally Yours

VBA is a very simple language and programming environment, very easy to get something up and running very quickly, but it is showing its age these days, and with Microsoft making no improvements to the language it will not get better. Which all means that we should utilise all of the functionality already available to us. I was using a particular technique the other day, and I recollected a discussion on one of the popular Excel forums that I had participated in, one in which I was surprised at the lack of knowledge of this technique. The situation I found … Continue reading Conditionally Yours

One King Bearing Gifts

I got a new laptop on Friday (my old one gave up the ghost as explained here). One of the major pains of a new laptop is re-installing all of those applications. It takes so long, and inevitably you will be working and you realise that you need another utility, which means you have to interrupt your flow to grab it and load it. I was more prepared for this installation than I usually am, I had compiled a list of those applications that I wanted, my directory structure, and URLs to the files, but I missed plenty (you just … Continue reading One King Bearing Gifts