Early Enough For You?

Interesting post from Jeff Attwood.

He makes good points about not pushing your code the extra mile to get it absolutely perfect before shipping, although the Rumsfeld quote is always unfortunate IMO, and there is a lot of truth in it.
However, it is not that black and white. The correct balance has to be struck. We all know the development paradigm, balancing time, quality and cost; something always has to give. It is invariably quality, and maybe Jeff is right and that is the first thing that should go, but not at any quality. If it is not good enough, then it should be held back, releasing a pile of rubbish will do more harm than being a bit late.

I personally think that Excel 2007 was released before it should have been, and Vista most certainly was. These were development decisions made for marketing purposes, and I don’t think it has enhanced Microsoft’s standing or image.

2 thoughts on “Early Enough For You?

  1. >>I don’t think it has enhanced Microsoft’s standing or image.

    Agree, agree, agree,

    and also, it has created a pile of issues that will take time and money to put right. Business minds in IT development = short sighted wins.

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