PowerPivot (& DAX) BlogRoll – 10th February 2013

Microsoft sneaked a couple of ne

PowerPivot & DAX activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 10th February 2013.


Guest Post from Ken Puls: Determine Effective Tax Rate – bit.ly/U2vdlc

When to Use Measures vs. Calc Columns – bit.ly/VQSm8E

First DAX Advanced Workshop in London, May 2013 DAX Tabular SSAS – bit.ly/Y3sx4Y

Excel Hero Blog
Master Excel PowerPivot Now – bit.ly/X0vnXa

Javier Guillén Pervasive Business Intelligence
Developing child-aware KPIs in PowerPivot and BISM Tabular – bit.ly/VDtCyI

Some Random Thoughts
UNION Operation in DAX Queries – bit.ly/XTZa33

ProLogika Forums
PowerPivot Data Refresh in Excel 2013 – bit.ly/XU0wuK

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