PowerPivot (& DAX) BlogRoll – 17th February 2013

Microsoft sneaked a couple of ne

PowerPivot & DAX activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 17th February 2013.


The Data Specialist
Equivalent of VLOOKUP in DAX–Part I – bit.ly/Xk0FKL

PowerPivot Pro
Hey, Who Moved My (PowerPivot 2013) Cheese? – bit.ly/11OZdWp

PowerPivot Pro
New Beginning – bit.ly/15fNsXV

PowerPivot Pro
Tomorrow is the Last Day for Chandoo Sign-Up! – bit.ly/VUlOOD

The Data Specialist
Bug in PowerPivot 2012 for Excel 2010 – bit.ly/WLhoIh

“Announcing” the Business Analytics Conference – bit.ly/XPDerQ

PowerPivot and PowerView Confusion in Office 2013 – bit.ly/Vpfqws

[Course]Advanced DAX – bit.ly/Vpfqws

Gerhard Brueckl’s BI Blog
Fiscal Periods, Tabular Models and Time-Intelligence – bit.ly/W3SiAH

SQL Chick
Checklist for Knowing Your PowerPivot Model is Complete – bit.ly/YzWEQh

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