PowerPivot & DAX & Data Explorer BlogRoll – 10th March 2013

Microsoft sneaked a couple of ne

PowerPivot & DAX & Data Explorer activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 10th March 2013.


Extended Results
Calendar Analytics – bit.ly/VYvfLU

PowerPivot Discovers a New Form of Communication in the Animal World, Makes Headlines in Science! – bit.ly/YhOPhN

Matt Masson
Using Data Explorer with Power View – bit.ly/XYGt2H

Customer Feedback SQL Server Content Samples
Data Explorer: An introduction to table relationships and the Expand operation – bit.ly/XWWtlN

“Introducing” Data Explorerbit.ly/Z4BSdv

Chris Webb’s BI Blog
Data Explorer–Where Does The Real Work Get Done? – bit.ly/VOkkVc

Dynamics NAV Financials
PowerPivot to the People – bit.ly/YtSzzK

A funny thing happened in Redmond… – bit.ly/12rBmfH

Gerhard Brueckl’s BI Blog
Another Post about Calculating New and Returning Customers – Part 2 – bit.ly/YKRMHL

Chris Webb’s BI Blog
Calling A Web Service From Data Explorer, Part 2 – bit.ly/Y9gdi1

Vignesh C
Consume csv with Data Explorerbit.ly/14lWZcN

Matt Masson
Dynamic Lookups With Data Explorerbit.ly/Vw6Zkg

Some Random Thoughts
Introduction to Data Explorer Preview for Excel – bit.ly/ZaWrDt

Dan English’s BI Blog
Installing Data Explorer Preview & Demo with IMDB Data – bit.ly/W0vvJe

Chris Webb’s BI Blog
Calling A Web Service From Data Explorer, Part 1 – bit.ly/WErC9X

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