PowerPivot & DAX & Data Explorer BlogRoll – 17th March 2013

Microsoft sneaked a couple of ne

PowerPivot & DAX & Data Explorer activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 17th March 2013.


MS Office Blog
Learn about Data Explorer Formulas – bit.ly/118wr2d

Javier Guillén Pervasive Business Intelligence
PivotStream and Mariner join forces to deliver PowerPivot solutions – bit.ly/118uzqc

Chris Webb’s BI Blog
Finding Shakespeare’s Favourite Words With Data Explorerbit.ly/133FUcz

Erik Svensen
How to use Data Explorer for Excel to extract data from Statistics Denmark – bit.ly/YKjCag

A new build of Data Explorer, and an Auto Update feature – bit.ly/WwuR7P

SSIS Junkie
M Lives! – bit.ly/10JyB8r

Gobán Saor
DAX’s back – Create DAX Measures in Excel 2013 without PowerPivot Add-in – bit.ly/XjZZn4

Kasper de Jonge PowerPivot Blog
What is eating up my memory the PowerPivot / Excel edition – bit.ly/113zmpl

Some Random Thoughts
Unpivoting Data in Data Explorerbit.ly/118xIGy

Javier Guillén Pervasive Business Intelligence
Configuring “drill to details” behavior in PowerPivot: Part 1 – bit.ly/YlDZbE

PowerPivot on Airplanes and NBC – bit.ly/142RIen

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