PowerPivot & DAX & Data Explorer BlogRoll – 31st March 2013

Microsoft sneaked a couple of ne

PowerPivot & DAX & Data Explorer activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 31st March 2013.


Checklist for Memory Optimizations in PowerPivot and Tabular Models – bit.ly/17aAaNr

Beyond Rational
MS BI # 85 – PowerPivot #2 – Download , Install , Connect to SQL Server and Getting Started – bit.ly/14BHhyJ

Bacon Bits
Use Data Explorer to Hack into Very Hidden Sheets – bit.ly/ZIcNqk

readwrite enterprise
Microsoft’s Data Explorer: Picking Up Where Bing Leaves Off – bit.ly/16XQXDd

Matt Masson
Consuming CANSIM Datasets using Data Explorer – bit.ly/10llbL8

Always Show Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow’s Data – bit.ly/14KrjCL

Lightswitch For The Enterprise
Self Reporting via PowerPivot In Highly Deferred Execution Mode – bit.ly/VtkjBj

Data Explorer
Data Explorer Online Search Overview – bit.ly/10eJLfx

New Version of Data Explorer Released – bit.ly/16il19t

Katie & Emil Newsletter
Add-in Data Explorer and Excel tutorial – conta.cc/XDYIHw

SQL blog.com
BI Beginner: Data Explorer is a must have – bit.ly/YBl7bO

Gobán Saor
M’s back – Create a PowerPivot Time Dimension using Excel’s Data Explorerbit.ly/ZqJVmq

Gobán Saor
The Model of a very modern PowerPivot – without the add-in – bit.ly/YDgRFE

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