The XML Is On The Kid

I recently wrote about a database tool that I have built to facilitate adding stored procedures to databases, SP Builder.   XL-Dennis made a couple of comments, one of which was with regards to the medium used for the script file. He talked about XML files, and whilst I had used an INI file when I originally built it I had thought about using XML but dismissed it at the time as my XML skills and knowledge were minimal to put it mildly (oddly, I have been aware of and using XML for over 12 years now, mainly as a … Continue reading The XML Is On The Kid

The Kid Grows Up

In a previous post, I talked about building stored procedures (SPs)in an Access database, and calling the same from Excel using ADO. As I mentioned in that post, I am not a fan of the Access GUI. Whilst GUIs can be okay for doing some simple testing, checking whether something works or, I find it far easier to build a script when I need to do similar things over and over (such as building all of the SPs for an application). I am an inveterate scripter (see Autogen’ed Ribbon Code and XML Is Such A Pain); rather than build the … Continue reading The Kid Grows Up

Class Conscious

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4   This is going to be the first in a series of items about Code Generation, automatically generating your code. I have posted a couple of times previously on this topic, here and here, but I thought a series of posts would be useful, so here is the first. The Last One I remember back in the 80s a UK company built a program called ‘The Last One’, its premise being that it was the last computer program because it would write every program from thereon after. Now, after you have picked yourself up … Continue reading Class Conscious

Autogen’ed Ribbon Code

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 In a previous post, XML Is Such A Pain, I showed the technique that I use to simplify the creation of XML code for custom ribbons. This is a handy technique, as it means that creating the XML is very simple, it is more or less a cut-and-paste job, and I spend very little time thereafter  with the XML, which I like as the tools for XML in Excel 2007 are not great. As much as I like this technique, it still requires a lot of VBA code. Whilst VBA is a great deal … Continue reading Autogen’ed Ribbon Code

XML Is Such A Pain

Normal 0 false false false Creating a custom ribbon tab in Excel 2007 is a well known technique by now, and relatively easy to achieve.  I will not go into the details here, there are many examples scattered across the web, I would suggest Ron de Bruin’s pages at The biggest pain for me with custom ribbon code is the XML. As an example, to create a custom ribbon tab such as this requires the following XML code <customUI xmlns=”” onLoad=”rxDemoRibbonOnLoad”> <ribbon startFromScratch=”false”> <tabs> <tab id=”tabDemo” getLabel=”Ribbon Demo” insertAfterMso=”TabHome”> <group id=”grpDemoGroup1″ getLabel=”Formatting Group”> <button id=”btnDemoButton1″ label=”Currency” image=”DollarSign” imageSize=”Large” screentip=”Button … Continue reading XML Is Such A Pain