Cycling Through The Fog

Dynamic Analysis Excel 2007 provides the capability to have a pivot table connected to an OLAP cube. Furthermore, detailed analysis can be built by using various CUBE functions. One of the great things about Excel 2007 pivots and CUBE functions is that you can use a value from the pivot as a member value within a CUBE function. For instance, a CUBEVALUE might be getting the net gas sales for a particular company and period with CUBEVALUE(CubeName,                        “[Transaction Company].[Company Drilldown].&[17]”,                        “[Activity Date].[Date Drilldown].[Month].&[1]&[1]&[2009]”),                        “[Measures].[Gas_Amt_Net]”) If you also have a pivot that is filtering the company drilldown, the … Continue reading Cycling Through The Fog

Styles AIn’t What They Used To Be

  Everybody knows that if you are going to create a meaningful document in Word, you use Styles. Excel has styles as well, but how many of us use these built-in styles, or add to them with our own custom styles? I have been building a styles utility recently, so I have delved deeply into this functionality. Clearly, one of the principal aims of such a utility would be the ability to edit styles. Being a rational coder, I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so I decided to use the built-in styles editor. This is easily called using dialogs … Continue reading Styles AIn’t What They Used To Be