DAX, The Dark Knight

Excel Is Superman, DAX Is The Dark Knight Excel Formulas Are easy, So Why Is DAX So Hard? Recently, Rob Collie, aka PowerPivotPro, posted a blog entry entitled ‘The Ballad of Ken Puls, DAX Convert’. Whilst it was an interestiung post, this is not to specifically offer any comment on that blog, or to stroke Ken’s ego <g>, I was intrigued by the part where Rob mentioned that Ken had said, and I quote,   “I firmly believe that PowerPivot is the future of Excel.  No question in my mind.  It’s insanely easy to get some killer BI in your … Continue reading DAX, The Dark Knight

CUBEs For Dessert

Microsoft sneaked a couple of ne Introduction A few weeks ago I showed how to create a fully dynamic table using CUBE formulae against a PowerPivot model in Cooking With Cubes.This example presented data from the AdventureWorks database of sales of product categories over years, all integrated with a Fiscal Year slicer. I recently had a similar need, but with the further challenge of presenting two levels in a hierarchy (actually, this was related tables in a snowflake schema). I needed to show all of the items in the first level, and for each of these items, all of the … Continue reading CUBEs For Dessert

PowerPivot BlogRoll – 6th January 2013

Microsoft sneaked a couple of ne PowerPivot activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 6th January 2013.   Time To Name This Year’s Book! – bit.ly/TyZ5nX Database Pros in Demand – bit.ly/UXN78m [Commercial Webinar] Deep Dive into Business Intelligence in Excel 2013’s PowerPivot and Power View – bit.ly/115ls8J Creating Linked Tables in PowerPivot for Excel – bit.ly/TyZ5nX Excel 2013, Power View, Top 10 “long tail” and how DAX helpsbit.ly/YJTMkd

PowerPivot BlogRoll – 30th December 2012

Microsoft sneaked a couple of ne PowerPivot activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 30th December 2012.   Templated Excel workbooks with PowerPivot and Macro’s – bit.ly/12VdWwP Importing SQL Server Data from Multiple Data Sources into PowerPivot for Excel – bit.ly/UAX22u PowerPivot – Importing Data from Different Data Sources into PowerPivot for Excel – bit.ly/131Qi0v End of 2012 and news in 2013 for #PowerPivot, #ssas #tabular and BI – bit.ly/VpwWxI Refreshing PowerPivot Data in SharePoint 2013 – bit.ly/131Q3Ti [Video] Using PowerPivot with DataMarket Section of Windows Azure Marketplace – bit.ly/12Vd23e

PowerPivot BlogRoll – 23rd December 2012

PowerPivot activity announced on Twitter for the week ending 23rd December 2012.   Using HASONEVALUE in a DAX IF statement – bit.ly/TVMwA7 Create a memory-efficient Data Model using Excel 2013 and the PowerPivot add-in – bit.ly/ZfaRsf Introduction to MDX for PowerPivot Users, Part 5: MDX Queries – bit.ly/12wLGQI [Update] What is using all that memory on my Analysis server instance? – bit.ly/T51Hsc Running Product in DAX: Calculating Portfolio Returns – bit.ly/XOobxz The CALCULATE Function—New DAX Video Tutoria – bit.ly/XTTirq. Note that this is a subscription site. Dynamic CUBE Formulae In Excel – bit.ly/R6Fnjs The Ballad of Ken Puls, DAX Convert … Continue reading PowerPivot BlogRoll – 23rd December 2012

Cooking With CUBEs

Microsoft sneaked a couple of ne As we should all know by now, PowerPivot provides Excel with a powerful way to harness data from one or more sources, and to do further analysis on that data within familiar pivot tables. Furthermore, because PowerPivot is creating an in-memory cube of the data, it is possible to build an analysis using CUBE formulae. I have blogged a couple of times about CUBE formulae, in Cycling Through The Fog and in Cracking The Code. In Excel, as with any development, you want your solution to be as flexible and dynamic as possible. This … Continue reading Cooking With CUBEs

PowerPivot BlogRoll – 16th December 2012

PowerPivot in Excel 2013 – bit.ly/V1jN01 How PowerPivot can help financial reporting –bit.ly/T0o1Dj Importing your SalesForce data directly into PowerPivot – bit.ly/T0nRMi Set Up a VM Test Server for PowerView and PowerPivot – bit.ly/R0QY3s Hide Calculated Items With Zero Totals In PowerPivot PivotTables – bit.ly/12tBW8W Book Review: DAX Formulas For PowerPivot – bit.ly/12hDDXR Creating a Spacer Column in a PowerPivot PivotTable – bit.ly/T2bMHu

Power To The Ashes

Power To The Ashes   So the excitement is all over, and England have deservedly beaten the Australians at the latest Ashes series. Many late evenings have been spent listening to the coverage on Radio 5, catching the usual humour and generally irrelevant things that get covered in a cricket test match, things that help to make cricket the wonderful event that it is, more than just a game, a life affirming experience. Even David Cameron trying to climb aboard the ‘feel-good’ bandwagon can detract from the fun. @theashes This series we have seen the phenomenon of Ashley Kerekes, the … Continue reading Power To The Ashes

Self Service Is Cheap?

As I am sure that you are all aware, PowerPivot is the best thing to hit Excel since PED. Although I am not a big data cruncher, I have been playing with PowerPivot; to keep abreast of an important technology; it plays into one of my primary interests of Business Intelligence; and partly to seek out further opportunities. Although I have been scouring the blogs and dedicated websites, I do like to have a book as a reference point, and so I was very pleased to get a review copy of PowerPivot for the Data Analyst: Microsoft Excel 2010, by … Continue reading Self Service Is Cheap?

Does Excel Do MDX?

One of my primary interests at present is Business Intelligence (BI), using available tools to present meaningful information to the business that actually adds value. I won’t go into what BI is, the quality of BI products available at present, or the how businesses perceive or fails to perceive BI, that may be a topic for another day, but rather in developing my skills and capabilities in this area. Excel is a wonderful medium for presenting this information, and the majority users that I know would rather use Excel than other tools. Most people who are familiar with BI will … Continue reading Does Excel Do MDX?