My tummy is a little rumbly

Sorry ”bout the performance issues lately.  Chad and the gang are looking into why my tummy started acting up again.

In the meantime apologies for the getting stuck sometimes, the icky performance and what not.

Apologies for the issues

It”s annoying when something was working nicely for a while and then you make a change (a Service pack to the blog platform) and then we go back to being choppy performance again.

This morning I woke up to a message that the blog had been offline for about two hours and when I logged on the web sites wouldn”t manually recycle so I had to reboot the box.

Bear with us as we get it back to stable.

My tummy now says

Yoda here, checking in after Chad (the great the wonderful, the one who knows what he”s doing) upgraded me to the latest Community Server

My tummy now says:  Your version: 4.1.40407.4157

I”ve also had them put back in the YouTube module and the issue where we want to turn back on the indexing


CS08 introduced a features which allows you to define if pages should be allowed to be indexed in their entry in siteurls.config, the aim of which is to prevent google indexing duplicate content.  This however can fall foul in certain situations and you may wish to turn that off.  The way to do that is to opensiteurls.config, and do a find and replace replacing all instances of





Had to roll back…

The ALTER TABLE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “FK_cs_Referrals_cs_Urls”. The conflict occurred in database “msmvps-cs”, table “dbo.cs_Urls”, column ”UrlID”.

Rolled back to CS 2007 as hitting an error in the upgrade.  Will hire someone to do this upgrade.