Installed SQL 2005

Critical Error: SiteUrls.Config

The file containing the SiteUrl Data could not be loaded.

Please contact your CommunityServer administrator. A technical explanation of why this error is caused is below.


Community Server expects to find a valid XML file containing all of the links for a community. By default, this file is located at the root of the with the name SiteUrls.config. 

A common error is to included unescaped XML characters, such as “&” when defining a querystring.

If available, the location of the error will be listed below:

Unable to open connection to data provider.

Login failed for user ”NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE”.

For more information you can also visit http://CommunityServer.Org the home of the CommunityServer Forums development team.

Well the resolution to that problem was to run a script on the SQL database to do this:


Once I did that the blogs were once again loading up but this time looking at SQL 2005.  I also found this post interesting as it details the difference between (local) and localhost

But after I did it I wasn”t sure if there was a security impact so I asked greater minds than I what, if anything, was the security impact.  That”s one thing that I don”t think is easy right now.  When you are not security database savvy, it”s hard to weed through the good information and the not so good info to know the right things to do for SQL.

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